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ZERO fly reel #5/6 the ultimate CARVED ALUMINUM

$280.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
FLY REEL "ZERO" for fresh-saltwater.
Produced by Torpedo, perfect aluminum carving allows unmatchable performances.
Extra-light weight reel, with wide reel section for a stabilized reeling action and more line capacity
for lines 4/5/6/7
Body: cast-carved aluminum
Gear: Stainless steel and brass
Removeble spool
Spool diameter: 9,7cm
Spool depth: 2 cm
Spool width: 4cm! for extra line capacity and stabilized reeling action
Weight: 139 gr.
Gear is accurate in tightening and loosening, and makes noise when line going out, silent when reeling.
With the wider spool there is no lateral oscillation.

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