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Torpedo Modello Cortina FIBERGLASS fly rod 9f #5-6

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    "Modello Cortina"
    The best TROUT dry fly rod from Torpedo.Description
    The main features of this rod are the forward balance of the rod:it has the structural balance near the middle of it's length, in this way deliver more smoothness when casting.
    The action resembles a FIBER GLASS rod,
    but keeps the lightness of a High Carbonrod.Rodfeatures:Length : 9 ft (2,7mt) -
    Fly line: #5-6
    Action: smooth top action: 4 sections: closed length 68cm
    Rod: high carbon--Handle: A grade cork--Reeler seat: anodized Alloe--Guides: Titanium and SIC (first 2) and anodized titanium (others)--Extra:Black velvet rod's cloth
    --Tested on the river and lakes (in New Zealand) it can cast with accuracy, silence and power.Light in your hands, you can cast for hours.Quality of the tool and fishermen's satisfaction guaranteed!!!Every rod is tested before shipment to ensure quality

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