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SEA POWER surfcasting-carpfishing rod 12ft/3,6m

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"SEA POWER" 12ft 360cm casting rod, for carpfishing or surfcasting.
Best seller in 2012, made fishermen happy all over the World
the new fishing rod for SURF CASTING - BOTTOM FISHING from Moutain Fishing Equipment
Balanced, very strong, with a top action and a great casting power, allows to make far casts and give you extra power.
Can be used both in salt and fresh water
Rod's features:
Length: 3,6 mt - 12ft
Casting power: from 30 to 100 gr.
Action: tense top action
Rod: high resistance carbon
Guides: Stainless steel and SIC stone
Handle: anti-static grip
Realer seat: anodized aluminum + steel reinforced plate
Cloth + cover for the top.

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