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REELO40S aluminum handle spin reel

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Torpedo "REELO40S"
This reel was produced by Torpedo for fishing techniques that require continued casting and reeling:
Spinning, Jigging, Lure fishing in general
Reelo40S features:
1) Extreme smoothness during the reeling action
2) After casting, is very easy to close the arch and start reeling again: by applying a very little strength on the handle knob the arch will get back in reeling position without effort (in some reels you need to push hard in order to make the reel get back in reeling position)
3) Extra spool for PE line, for a fast line change always with you
4) Body and knob handle in anti-static plastic, for an extra grip hold
5) Light weight: only 290gr-10oz
6) Reeling ratio is 5.5 spins for 1 handle turn, ideal for lure fishing
7) Line capacity: 0.28mm-260mt 0.30mm-220mt 0.33mm-165mt
8) Foldable handle for easy transportation
REELO40S can be used with lines of diameter from 0,10mm up to 0.35mm (n.4.5)
for lines of superior diameter you can get the REELO 60 S, that can hold lines up to 0.50mm. or n.6.6

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