Modello Travel - 9ft #5-6 trout fly rod | torpedotackle

Modello Travel - 9ft #5-6 trout fly rod

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MODELLO TRAVEL:  5 sections - Just 60cm closed lenght (23 inch)Rod features--Length : 9 ft (2,7mt)--Fly line:  #5-6--Action:top action--Materials---Rod: high carbon --Handle: A grade cork--Reeler seat: anodized Alloe--Guides: Titanium and SIC (first 2) and anodized titanium (others)--Extra:--Black velvet rod's cloth--Tested on the river, it can cast with accuracy and power.--Light in your hands, you won't get tired of fishing with it.--Quality of the tool and fishermen's satisfaction guaranteed--Every rod is tested before shipment to ensure quality

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