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BEST PAL medium/heavy 11ft/3,4m spin rod

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"BEST PAL" 340cm spinning rod 15-50 gr lures
Medium heavy spin rod for freshwater and saltwater
designed by Mountain Fishing Equipment: ITALIAN DESIGN RODS
TESTED and approved by Mountain Fishing Equipment's Team
Manage fish of big size, cast any bait accurately.
This rod is made to target the large fish, MOVE THE BAIT AND FEEL ITS MOVEMENTS EVEN AT LONG DISTANCES. can be used BOTH in fresh water and saltwater.
Rod Features
- Body: 95% 40 T carbon
-Line weight: 10 to 25 lbs
-Casting action: 20 to 50 gr
- Guides: SIC stone - Stainless steel guides frame.
- Reel seat in A GRADE CORK, light and 100% NATURAL.
- Hook ring
-black felt cloth with 3 compartments for each section of rod
- This rod has a nice top action, that allow you to cast precisely,move the bait with sensibility even at long distances.
- The shape of the handle allows you to make the 2 handed cast, giving all necessary power to reach long distances.
- 3 sections, closed length 108 cm
produced by Mountain Fishing Equipment

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