ADRENALINA240 Spinning rod 8tf / 10 to 30gr | torpedotackle

ADRENALINA240 Spinning rod 8tf / 10 to 30gr

Torpedo's new 3 sections trout/Bass rod, top action, very light and tense lure movement. The top of the rod quickly goes back in a tense position after jerking, making you ready for the strike, when the lure drops.
  • Details

    240cm / 8ft
    Action casting: 10 to 30 grams
    Maximum line weight: 25 lbs
    Cork A grade handle
    Stainless Steel guides + SIC
    Quick strike handle design
    NEW HOOK RING DESIGN Patented by TORPEDO, easy hook and release your bait, keeping the hooks away from your fingers!

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