-Torpedo Fishing is a brand of Sport fishing equipment. The distinctive marks are the 100% Italian design ,and the accuracy with which our products are tested before going on the market.

-Torpedo was born a few years ago, created by Mountain Fishing Equipment Ltd, an Italian design company, Hong Kong based

- We are designers of sport fishing equipment, and we are fishermen. Thanks to our extensive background in the sport fishing, our products are designed to be the best in terms of efficiency.

Manufacture and shipment

- As designers, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of our sport fishing products (fishing rods, reels, lures, line, sunglasses, raincoats, clothes, accessories) we test every product and don't put anything in production until we are satisfied about its quality and its effectiveness on the fishing action. Our factories are based in china and our warehouses in Hong Kong, sport fishing equipment FOB for any port destination.


- Mountain Fishing Equipment is the supplier of sport fishing tackle in many shops in Italy and Asia with different brands, with a market in rapid expansion. We are manufacturer, distributor and supplier of our own brands, and we are looking for other partnerships to expand the sales network. We offer a wide range of purchasing options, contracts, time flexibility and payments to our customers to meet every market necessity.

Our values and prices

- Every fisherman knows that some expensive and fancy material can't change the fact that you are good at using it. Our fishing rods are made only with solid materials: high resistance carbon, stainless steel and aluminum. Lures accurately tested in fishing action (if the lure didn't catch at least one fish, we won't produce it). This hard selection at the back of the production makes the difference between a cheap but inefficient fishing tool, and a cheap but efficient one. For this reason our prices can be very interesting for the large distribution channels: usually the retail price of our products is 4-5 times, for some accessory even 8 times the cost of purchase from us. We control the prices of our goods in the Countries where we are the direct suppliers and the purchase-sale ratio is like stated above.

-Mountain Fishing Equipment Limited is a design company for sport fishing equipment, and we personally test every of our product before putting it on the market. During this phase we know that we have a big responsibility on the customer, so we pay particular attention to all  the smallest details of our items.

Our Mission: increase the level of enjoyability of sport fishing by adding value to it through our products.

Our Vision: fishermen all over the World will learn to appreciate out products for outstanding reliability and design.

Our People: fundamental asset to the company is Fabrizio Rustichelli, director and founder of the company.

Fabrizio Rustichelli testing the

fly rods in New Zealand

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